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Konkurs w Erasmus+: Wydarzenia na dużą skalę - wolontariat europejski

Do 3 kwietnia 2016 r. trwa konkurs w Programu Erasmus+ w ramach Akcji 1 Mobilność edukacyjna osób - "wydarzenia na dużą skalę w ramach wolontariatu europejskiego". Informacje o konkursie dostępne są w języku angielskim. Informacje o Akcji w języku polskim dostępne są w Przewodniku po Programie Erasmus+.

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2016-02-23, 09.30

Key Action 1: Large-scale EVS events

This action aims

  • To support large-scale volunteering projects in the framework of European or worldwide events, in the field of youth, culture and sport
  • To allow young people aged 17-30 to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary service in another country (different from the home country of the volunteer).
  • To allow young volunteers to contribute to the run-up of activities and initiatives organised in the framework of a European/international event.

The Action supports the following activities within a project:

  • Preparation: including practical arrangements, selection of participants, linguistic/intercultural/task-related preparation of participants before departure for the Event Country.
  • Implementation of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) activities and complementary activities (see below)
  • Follow up: including evaluation of the EVS activities, the formal recognition - where applicable - of the learning outcomes of participants during the activities, as well as the dissemination and use of the project's outcomes (website, publications,…)

The Action takes into consideration the following specificities:

  • Complementary activities: conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops... , aimed at promoting the value of volunteering (and notably the European Voluntary Service) during the event.

Please note that under this Action the following activities ARE NOT ELIGIBLE:

  • Occasional, under structured, part-time volunteering;
  • A work placement in an enterprise;
  • A paid job;
  • A recreation or tourist activity;
  • A language course;
  • Exploitation of a cheap workforce;
  • A period of study or vocational training abroad.

Who can benefit from it

Eligible participants are volunteers aged from 17 to 30, from a Programme Country (except the country where the project is taking place) or from a Partner country neighbouring the EU.

A volunteer can only take part in one large-scale EVS event project during the lifetime of the Erasmus+ Programme.


Deadline for submission: 3 April at 12pm (CET - midday Brussels time)

Eligibility period: Projects must start between: 1 October of the same year of the deadline and 31 July of the following year.

What support is available

The maximum eligible grant for a "Large-scale EVS events" project is €200,000.

The project duration is limited from 3 to 12 months.

The activity duration (within the project duration) is limited from 14 days to 2 months, excluding travel time.

Who can apply

  • Any public or private organisation in a Programme Country


  • Directly involved in the organisation of the European/ international event in the field of youth, culture or sport


  • Having concluded a formal written cooperation agreement with the event organisers

Participating organisations are responsible for:

  • Arranging subsistence, lodging and local transports of volunteers
  • Envisaging tasks and activities for volunteers that respect the qualitative principles of the European Voluntary Service, as described in the EVS Charter
  • Providing volunteers with on-going task-related, linguistic, personal and administrative support throughout the duration of the EVS activity/event

Please note that individuals cannot apply for a grant.

A large scale EVS events project must take place in the Programme Country where the European/international event in the field of youth, culture or sport is held.

Erasmus+: Przewodnik po Programie  W JĘZYKU POLSKIM

Informacja pochodzi ze stron internetowych instytucji europejskich.

data wydarzenia: od 2016-02-04 do 2016-04-03
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